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Hy friends my name is Junaid Iqbal and you are all very welcome on our website (https://www.soonvalleynews.com) so now I am going to give you some information about myself.

The Soon Valley (Urduوادیِ سُون‎) 

Guys my name is Junaid Iqbal and I'm doing work on the internet like blogging etc.  I will keep you up to date on this website with news, tech news, and lots of latest information. So stay tuned to our website (https://www.soonvalleynews.com) if you want to enjoy it
 Let me tell you a little more about myself

About Me

Name : Junaid Iqbal

Address : Khushab

Qualification : Matric

Contact – soonvalleynewss@gmail.com

Blog – https://www.soonvalleynews.com

Thanks For Visit My Blog

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